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Dry White Wine
Wings of the Wind (2015) $17.00
This dry white wine has a soft sexy mouth feel with flavors of lemon and grapefruit. Its long citrus finish pairs well with medium sharp cheeses, chicken, and pasta with cream sauces.
Morning Star $18.00
This dry, floral white wine has hints of mineral. It is Pentamere’s answer to an Alsatian-style Pinot Gris. Stunning with fish and poultry!

Dry Red Wines
Monks Haven Merlot (2012) $28.00
Spicy dark fruit aromas lead to flavor hints of tart red currants, with the pleasantness of smooth defined tannins and a dark chocolate finish.
Cascaden Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00
This cabernet sauvignon has dark fruit flavors and distinct tannins that give a long finish. Pair with red meat and bold cheeses.

Medium Dry Wines
SS Gem $15.00
This red wine has a hint of sweetness, spicy dark fruit flavors and a dry finish.
Sovereign of the Lakes (2015) $17.00
Apple aromas and hints of apple and peach on the palate. Long finish. Pair with poultry, fish and brats.

Semi-Sweet Wines
May Wine $16.00
This wine is clean and fresh with hints of citrus fruit and mint. It is both sweet and savory, and pairs well with fresh berries, crepes and grilled foods.
Celebration White $14.00
Lovers of German white wines will enjoy this semi-sweet, fruity wine with balanced tartness and floral notes. Compares to a Liebfraumilch.

Sweet & Fruit Wines
Mariner's Red $14.00
A spicy nose with a bright berry palate and a tart cherry finish. Great with spicier foods.
Midnight Plum $14.00
A sweet fruit wine that smells like the first bite out of a plum. The flavor of a ripe plum with a gentle tingle and long finish. Great with chicken and pork.
Channel Marker One $13.00
This deliciously sweet wine has honey flavors, with hints of golden delicious apples and rumored hints of melon. Pair with ham, bacon, salty and spicy foods.

Dessert Wines
Golden Strawberry (375 ml) $18.00
This is a 100% strawberry dessert wine with a wonderful golden red color. The burst of fruit flavor matches the vibrant strawberry aroma.
Bayport (375 ml) $42.00
Samples $1.00. This fabulous dessert wine has a Tawny Port-like quality with flavors of brown sugar and raisins. Smooth and delicious, a great ending to a meal or evening.

Spiced Wines
Baked Apple (2014) $14.00
We steeped a fabulous blend of mulling spices in our Harvest Apple wine to create this tasty and enjoyable treat. Think cinnamon baked apples, mmmmm! 100% Michigan apples from Kapnick Orchards here in Tecumseh. Wonderful warmed or chilled!

Godzilla-size bottle of Pentamere's Gewürztraminer


5% off for six bottles, 12.5% for a case of twelve.

We can ship Pentamere's best to you, anywhere in the State of Michigan! (and selected other states, as well.) Call us at 517-423-9000 for details.

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