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Tasting Room, Maria behind the counter

Tasting Room

Located in southeast Michigan, in the heart of downtown Tecumseh’s historical district, Pentamere’s tasting room offers guests complementary wine tasting and a peek at our production facilities. See that railing around the hole in the floor? That’s your best vantage point. Heckling is encouraged--just make sure you can take it, if you dish it. Cellar gnomes and winemakers can be feisty!

Outside front Our Building
Built in the 1880’s and restored to its original charm, our building has had many reincarnations…dry grocer, clothing shop, diner and Mexican restaurant. We think the latest transformation is quite spectacular, don’t you? Yes, those gorgeous maple floors are original. Beauty often lies below the surface. In this case, it lay below grungy tiles.

Urban Winery
Pentamere is an “urban” winery. Now we realize it’s a stretch to refer to Tecumseh as “urban”, but it has a downtown and we are right in the middle of it. And while we tried to convince the city fathers that tearing out the municipal parking lot to put in a vineyard would improve the aesthetic quality of the downtown, they weren’t buying it. So we opt to contract our grapes from established vineyards in the Great Lakes region. The up-side is that we get to concentrate on what we do best – make wine.

Boutique Winery
Boutique winery—that’s code for itty-bitty micro-winery, where space is extremely limited. Our batches are typically a few hundred gallons and we release new wines on a regular basis. So, if you find a wine you really like, we highly encourage you to buy it right away. That’s not (just) a sales ploy. We don’t want you to be disappointed when you come back, only to realize that we have sold out of your favorite wine.

Bottle holder gnome Buy, buy, buy!
Of course, the tasting room offers one more charm—buying things! Here, our wines are proudly displayed. Here, you can buy everything else we offer—Pentamere-made jellies, gourmet food items, and lots of other (sometimes vaguely) wine-related stuff! If it’s in the tasting room, you can take it home. Well, we do need to hold on to Nathan! (although, if the bid is high enough, we might reconsider…)

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