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Elements of Tasting Class
If you’d like to learn more about food and wine pairings, join us for our Elements of Tasting Class. We’ll teach you basic techniques for evaluating wines and show you how wines are affected when paired with different foods. It’s a fun and informative evening. And hey, what could be more appealing than listening to us go on for two hours about subjects we love? Class schedules are determined by interest in participation.

The Red Hat Ladies at Pentamere Private Tastings & Receptions
We think the winery is the place to be. And so do many of our guests. We’re delighted to host private tastings and receptions at the winery after business hours. During business hours, we can accommodate small groups. Please give us a call and let us know you’re coming, so we can staff appropriately. At the same time, we’ll provide cost and catering information.

Pentamere's Ed Gerten conducts an off-site event Off-site Events
If you’d like to plan a tasting, reception or special event off-site and wish to include Pentamere, we thank you for thinking of us. We will happily arrange for our winery staff to attend and talk about our wines. Yes, we do let them out in public—with reservation. You can dress them up, but…

Please note: Regulations regarding the public consumption, distribution and sale of alcohol are complex. Compliance with those regulations is a critical concern. Please call us when you start planning your event, so that we can explain our requirements or refer you to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

Gift Baskets
We work with Dip Stix & Stuff to create great gift baskets. In addition to "standard" pre-designed baskets, we and Dip Stix can create custom baskets. If it will fit in a basket, we can include it in a Pentamere gift basket and wrap it up for you with a pretty bow (of course, we do recommend putting wine in the mix!). Great housewarming present, wedding or corporate gift. Call for details.

We can ship Pentamere’s best to you, anywhere in Michigan. If you live elsewhere in the U. S., we might be able to ship to you, but each state is a jealous little god in its own sphere, and they are all determined to prove their independence by having their own Byzantine regulations. Call us for further information. As for Canadian or International shipments, well, lets just say that it’s easier to import grapes, than it is to export wine (in other words, we can’t do it, sorry).
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