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The Pioneer Wine Trail

In the 1820's and 1830's the first Michigan pioneers trekked into the swampy woods around Detroit, carving out a new life for themselves and a new state for the Union.

Now, in the 21st century, winemaking pioneers are boldly going where no winemaker has gone before: that same land, no longer swampy, but fertile farmland—and previously overlooked as an excellent source for great wine grapes.

The Pioneer Wine Trail sets the seal on Michigan's newest wine region. The Trail is an association of wineries and tasting rooms that have banded together to tell the story (and make the history) of great wine in Southeast Michigan's expansive back yard.

The Wineries and Tasting Rooms of the Trail are:

A list with more info may be found here.

Other Michigan Wine Links:

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    Of course, Pentamere isn't the only winery in Michigan (the best, maybe, but not the only...) This site gives you the “wine map” of Michigan.

Convention and Visitor's Bureaus:

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