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Pentamere bottles; glass with map of Michigan reflected into it

Pentamere: the “five seas”; the Great Lakes.
From the heart of Michigan', automotive country, we bring you wines from the vines and orchards of the Great Lakes.

It's all in the precision parts—great fruit with distinct regional character—and in the custom detailing. At Pentamere, old-fashioned winemaking craftsmanship meets innovative design.

Yes, this is where the rubber hits the road. We encourage you to take our wines for a spin. Here at our manufacturing plant and proving grounds (cleverly disguised as a winery and tasting room), there's only one motto: Drink what tastes good to you. Whether you're looking for the scent of leather in our barrel-aged “131 Cabernet Sauvignon Select” or reveling in a “Sunset Blush”, you'll find styling that suits your tastes.

Put the top down. Relax. You're in for a joy ride.

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Coming and Going
May Wine is back. This seasonal white wine, infused with woodruff, can be yours for a mere $14.
Channel Marker One makes a long-overdue comeback! This sweet white is now in the racks, at $12.
Batchawana Blush has returned. It's a bit different from the last, but very good nonetheless (of course!) $12.
It's the Pentamere Massacre! Wings of the Wind, White Swan, Walk-in-the-Water, and Cabernet Franc Eiswein are all gone.
Celebration White was gone for a bit, but now it's back.
Michigan Cherry is getting low. Once this is gone, there won't be a new batch for some time, so grab it now if you want it.

Downtown Tecumseh

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